Technical Office

Our technical staff is able to provide dedicated service and custom qualified products aimed at designers, architects and interior designers.

Consulting from a team of architects and technicians to examine the project and evaluate the most suitable solution together with the customer. Development of a custom project for every environment, from the single piece of furniture to home decoration complements, from the lighting to the selection of fabrics. Creation of 3D prospectuses of the layout and environmental rendering of the projects in development, coordinating the needs of the customer, the indications of designers and the technical characteristics of the product. Delivery, installation and after-sales service according to the signed and agreed-upon conditions.

3D Models

Caroti makes available to interior designers and architects preconfigured 3D models of the entire Vecchia Marina by Caroti collection for the development of renderings.


Fast and intuitive: the DVD provided by the Company includes the gallery of all the articles in the catalogue, the samples of the 4 available finishes, of the brasses and fabrics and finally also a series of complements to create detailed and all-encompassing interior decoration projects. Thanks to this support, designers and architects will be able to operate in complete autonomy and with photo-realistic results. Click here to download 3D Models.

Ufficio Tecnico


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