Quality, for us at Caroti, is creating a product which transmits the flavour of a timeless style that speaks to the heart before the eyes; where you not only feel the care of the details but also the passion of those who laboured on them. Because wood is a living and changing material and no machine, not even the most perfect one, can ever replicate the sensitivity matured from over 50 years of experience.


The Trademark and the Serial Number applied by hand on every piece of Nautical style furniture attest to the authenticity and the quality of our products, which the customer can always verify with a Warranty Certificate having an identical serial number signed by the responsible operator and provided with the product. To guarantee against unreliable imitations, we suggest that our customers check for the presence of our trademark and carefully preserve the corresponding numbered certificate.

Certificato di Garanzia






The structures are constructed in multilayer veneered with Okumè mahogany leaf, in line with the requirements imposed by international standards UNI 6478, DIN 68705 and DIN 52375. The shutter doors or frame doors are always in solid Niangon mahogany pivoted and drilled for the insertion of the shutter complete with dust-protection inner panelling. The drawer fronts, sides and bottoms are entirely in solid Niangon mahogany assembled with dovetail on all four sides.
The gluing of the various components meets the requirements expressed by the DIN 6705 Norms, to ensure its stability over time.


The entire collection is available in 6 Finishes: Natural Mahogany, Classic Mahogany, Mahogany Fusion, Patinated Lacquered, Moka Mahogany and Black Mahogany.
The cycle of varnishing and lacquering is carried out with water-based, nitrocellulose and polyurethane colouring applied by cloth in the respect of the EEC Directive 67-548 for the protection of the final consumer. The final varnishing is entirely carried out by spray with open grain semi-gloss finish to give a warm and lasting appearance to the precious solid wood used.


Handles, bands, corners and hinges (positioned internally with specific recesses) are produced in cast brass with glossy finish treated with antioxidant or with satin chrome finish. The glass used is transparent ground on crystals to 4 mm for doors and mirrors, or 4+4 millimetres for sandblasted and decorated glass. 7 mm glass with polished edge for internal shelves.


The Vecchia Marina by Caroti products can be made in genuine embossed leather in the three colours in our swatch book, ivory, green and red and, at the request of the customer, in faux leather selecting from a wide range of colours and textures.


Vecchia Marina by Caroti explores the concept of home furnishing at 360° by making available to architects and interior designers a series of fabrics dedicated to the theme of the sea and of the voyage (always check for availability).
In addition, it is always possible to manufacture the products with fabrics supplied by the customer.