Time to play and dream. Caroti on Top Class - Poland

In homes with children there is never enough space: games, clothes, books and imagination. How to keep everything in order in just one room? With a reclining bunk bed - proposal 244 - with Brigantine Game Island. This is the answer that the Top Class Magazine in Praga (Poland) gave, praising the benefits of the modular system for children's bedrooms by Caroti, designed for everyday life and at the same time ideal for every child's dream about great maritime adventures with a walk-over bridge and a real rotating helm.

This solution uses space intelligently and effectively. Along a 4-metre wall you can place: 2 single beds, with the possibility of a third extractable bed, a large sliding desk, a fitted wardrobe, book shelves and storage compartments gained from the ladder and the bunk. With an extremely useful and essential feature: a patented spring recliner mechanism to make it easier to tidy the top bunk.

Come and visit us in our internal showroom to see this bedroom for yourselves and feel the quality of the materials and finishes.

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Appunti di Viaggio Vol. IV – price list update

The Milan Furniture Fair 2016 saw us once again engaged in searching for solid wood furniture solutions entirely manufactured in Italy. There was no lack of new items as regards our own production, including the historic Vecchia Marina style collection, of which we are still one of the few remaining brands in the world. We introduced two new finishes, Moka Mahogany and Black Mahogany.

Discover all the new proposals on our site and download the 2016 price list which will come into effect on 31/07/2016.

As always, our staff is at your disposal for any information and design requirements.


Salone del Mobile Milan 2016 - Nautical style as you've never seen it

Milan design week 12 to 17 April – don't miss this chance to discover the latest trends in interior design.

The event will once again see Caroti committed to furniture solutions in real solid wood entirely made in Italy: new ideas are evident even in the company's flagship line, the historic Vecchia Marina style; and of course there is pure innovation in the new Concept contemporary series – a collection featuring discreet, versatile lines and designs that offer endless customisation solutions.

Nautical style as you've never seen it – the original Vecchia Marina style in new colours, reimagined in a tasteful but original "neoclassical chic" vein. On one side Caroti reprises the minimalism of nineteenth century naval design: clean, linear forms featuring timeless louvred doors; and in contrast it adorns modular units with totally fresh, intense moka and noir finishes that subtly enhance the fine grain of mahogany.

The style experimentation continues with the choice of accessories in satin chrome finish instead of classic polished brass, to bring out the contrast between the warmth of wood and the ethereal purity of steel. Aesthetic research that seeks to bring colonial vintage and nautical style over the seas towards modern international taste and glamour.                               

Discover the all the Caroti news at iSaloni Milan - Fiera Milano Rho from 12 to 17 April 2016.

PAV. 01 - STAND L21

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Bolina reception desk for a seafront office

Caroti has given an original Vecchia Marina style makeover to the offices of a marine brokerage firm in Livorno – the eclectic and colourful city where passion for the sea brings alive the poetic heart of a long tradition of and trade and 10 centuries.

A unique and extravagant experience extending to the seas around the world starts in these offices where a Bolina reception desk welcomes guests with its majestic bow-shaped form and the intense colours of dark, rich-grained mahogany. The maritime theme continues in the executive offices that capture every detail of the traditional shipboard Captain's Cabin and channels innovation in the multimedia board room designed for meetings and high-profile conference calls. Antique maritime items and glass structures combine with Caroti original furnishings in a sleek, modern style.

Check out our blog to get full details of this custom-made project.


Maritime style inspires Germany

Vecchia Marina style appeals to everyone, especially anyone who lives far from the sea. A timeless theme that brings a bit of Mediterranean charm to every house, whether in the city or the countryside. Decorated with accessories in polished brass and maritime details like nautical maps, windroses and starfish, Caroti is the only furniture on the international market still made in solid mahogany wood, true to the original style., the German luxury furnishings blogzine, came up with 26 sample interiors for living room, kitchen, dining room and bedroom to inspire its readers with truly eye-catching ideas that make every room unique and original.

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The Way We Were – Old Navy by Caroti in Casarredo International

We opened our archives to Casarredo International magazine, which devotes a special article to the ideas that have made Italian design renowned and respected the world over. Vecchia Marina by Caroti is proud to be part of this history and this tradition.

We chose the double bedroom with the ship's wheel bed – a vintage style icon that remains original and timeless, more than a century after it first appeared. Warmth, linearity, functionality and high quality materials like solid mahogany and chrome-plated brass. A discreet, restrained and always elegant luxury is the legacy of authentic nineteenth century nautical design that Caroti integrates with current concepts of modularity, imagination, innovation and customisation capabilities. A union that has given rise to multifunctional modular furnishing solutions, both for living and sleeping zones, creating a unique and unmistakable atmosphere that surpasses fleeting fashion trends and incorporates the new philosophies of interior architecture.

23/03/2015 becomes the portal of nautical style

Il 2015 per Caroti inizia con un sito rinnovato nello stile grafico e nella funzionalità di utilizzo. Il nuovo sito è compatibile con tutti i dispositivi mobile e permette di cercare in modo veloce e intuitivo i prodotti e le nostre proposte per ogni ambiente della casa. Funzioni utili anche per progettisti e architetti a cui è dedicata la sezione Modelli 3D, mentre nella sezione Contract tutti gli utenti possono trovare esempi di realizzazioni e di progetti su misura e di serie da noi realizzati. Potrete inoltre vedere come il nostro showroom interno si rinnova periodicamente per accogliere clienti e rivenditori. Le sorprese non finiscono qui, perchè nelle prossime settimane inaugureremo il blog Caroti dove lo stile nautico firmato Caroti abbraccia a 360° le filosofie di arredamento e gli stili di vita contemporanei. Stay tuned!

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Atmosfera, modular systems with a unique style

Original Furniture Vecchia Marina line by Caroti is pleased to present a new catalogue titled “ATMOSFERA - Interior Solutions”, a collection of exclusive solutions where the authentic nautical design embraces the concepts of modularity, functionality, innovation and customisation. These are the ingredients behind modular and multifunctional furnishing solutions for the living area as well as for bedrooms with a unique and unmistakable atmosphere going beyond any passing fashion trends and taking up the new interior architecture philosophy.

Click here to browse the online catalogue.


The cot in everyone’s wish list

Growing in a fairytale world is something that all parents wish for their children. The German website is using the Caroti’s Passepartout cot that turns into a bed for this dream to materialise without overlooking the need for practicality and comfort. In this solution, each element has a dual use depending on the age of the child. Phase 1: Baby. Phase 2: Teen. With a few simple moves the room furniture will adapt to individual requirements. A practical changing top with pull-out shelves turns into a large chest of drawers. The storage box combines with the cot to form a teenage bed, and the bow of the boat-shaped cot turns into a nice wall console-table. After removing the protection bars on the side, shifting from the cot to the bed will be plain sailing.

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Children’s rooms for fun

In the kingdom of fun and fantasy, everything must be adapted and downsized for children. Design choices too need to combine together such aspects as play, learning, dreams and, last but not least, rest and practicality. For Caroti, children rooms are the kingdom of the very young, a training-ground for fun and fantasy with boat or starfish shaped beds, whose headboards are shaped like sails, rudders or pirates’ flags and where a chest of drawers looks like the deck of a boat ready to sail for thrilling adventures. The website features Caroti among the 50 most amusing solutions for children’s rooms.

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