2016 Milan design week has once again seen Caroti committed to the search for furniture solutions based on solid wood entirely Made in Italy.
News are not lacking on all fronts of our production, including the historic Vecchia Marina line - the company flagship product - presented as you have never seen it before.
The original Vecchia Marina style takes on new colors in an elegant and unusual “chic neoclassic” version. On the one hand, we return to the minimalist naval design of the 19th century, with its straight and clean lines, featuring the evergreen louvered doors; on the other hand, Caroti dresses the modules with original and intense moka (dark brown) and black open grain finishes which discreetly and elegantly highlight the natural veins of solid mahogany.
Experimenting with style continues with the choice of matching satin chrome finishes - instead of the classic polished brass - to bring out the contrast between warm and cold, light and dark, classic and contemporary, bold and sober, in an aesthetic quest aimed at carrying nautical style beyond the sea and colonial vintage towards a modern, glamorous and international taste.