Night Boccaporto

Timone double bedroom with a hatch shaped headboard, in a Classic Mahogany finish.

The charm of a ship sailing through the ocean between the walls of your home. The Timone bed is combined with a hatch shaped storage unit, featuring two doors at the top with winch handle designed to store cushions and covers; the side of the hatch features 4 small drawers.

The double berth for a mattress measuring 175 cm x h.195 is a storage bed for all intents and purposes and doesn’t need a bed base because the base is made of wooden panels, into which 4 drawers and 2 pull-out bedside tables have been carved. Moreover, the side panels can be tilted by 180° to make it easier to make the bed. The ideal solution for bedrooms where bedside tables won’t fit next to the bed.


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