Bar Counter - Proposal 841

Bar counter Bolina, natural mahogany finish.

Aged rum,  Tuscany cigars and chocolate pralines are waiting on the counter. The doorbell rings, and we open to friends and happiness.

This is the story of the Bolina counter, 330 cm x 187 x 115H, an island  counter that seems to ride the waves with its shape that resembles the bow of a sailing ship.

The island counter Bolina is functional in a social room where one can welcome guests and offer them an unforgettable experience:  it has an elevated service counter in glass designed to accommodate up to 8 stools and comfortable cabinets on the inside.

The large bar counter wall - cm 353 x 60 x 243 - is equipped with several  shelves and doors  and is designed to accommodate built-in appliances (refrigerators, wine cooler, coffee maker, sink).

Available in 4 finishes: classic Mahogany,  Mahogany,  natural Mahogany, fusion Mahogany and Patinated Lacquered.


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