Relax Area & Bar

The timeless charm of a large built-in bookshelf with louvre doors, meets the modern feel of prestigious and innovative finishes. In addition to modules with standard international sizes (190, 234 and 260 cm), custom made modular elements can also be supplied for solutions that follow the shape of the home: linear, corner, bridge, built-in, passing, two-sided. The bar unit with louvre doors and a glass shelf, rear mirror panel and glass rack. A coordinated and consistent style throughout the entire space is made possible by the continuity between the furniture and internal doors, including the intrados and casing. Both hinged and sliding opening systems are available with smooth or decorated glass inserts, either standard or custom made as in this special solution with double sliding door.
Degustating is a moment that deserves to be lived intensely in order to understand the fascinating qualities of a wine, from admiring the bottle to the various sensations for the palate. In keeping with all, the degustation corner created by Caroti evolved, accommodating a small built-in wine cooler and a set of comfortable and elegant chaise longue. The cabinet Vineria Combi with a built in wine cooler measures 262 cm x 60 x 228h, holds up to 90 bottles and is equipped with 6 racks for hanging glasses and built- in spotlights. Available in 4 finishes: natural Mahogany,  classic Mahogany,  Fusion Mahogany and Patinated Lacquered.
The Vineria cabinet by Caroti  is designed for a private and exclusive wine cellar where wine tasting is not just a treat for the palate but also for the eyes and soul. The tasting corner is composed of a  cellar cabinet with recessed spotlights, which measures cm. 262 x 60 x H228, may contain up to 90 bottles and is equipped with 8 racks for the glasses. While relaxing on a comfortable, adjustable leather lounge chair and a foot stool,  the tasting process will have a more authentic flavour. You can also choose the tray table or the  Millerighe bench with a  leather upholstered seat to complete the atmosphere with this type of cabinet furniture. Available in 4 finishes: natural Mahogany,  classic Mahogany Classic,  fusion Mahogany and Patinated Lacquered.
The bar counter Caravella embodies the hospitality and the convivial spirit of a true Captain without forgetting the comfort and convenience of a contemporary home: the elevated service area and  the spacious work surface are illuminated by built in spotlights, there are also many cabinet spaces,  such as sliding doors, drawers and a hanging glass rack  In addition, the bar counter is equipped with a series of brass accessories for service, like a bottle opener and various hooks , useful for hanging things. Available in 4 finishes: natural Mahogany, classic Mahogany, fusion Mahogany  and  Patinated Lacquered.
Aged rum,  Tuscany cigars and chocolate pralines are waiting on the counter. The doorbell rings, and we open to friends and happiness. This is the story of the Bolina counter, 330 cm x 187 x 115H, an island  counter that seems to ride the waves with its shape that resembles the bow of a sailing ship. The island counter Bolina is functional in a social room where one can welcome guests and offer them an unforgettable experience:  it has an elevated service counter in glass designed to accommodate up to 8 stools and comfortable cabinets on the inside. The large bar counter wall - cm 353 x 60 x 243 - is equipped with several  shelves and doors  and is designed to accommodate built-in appliances (refrigerators, wine cooler, coffee maker, sink). Available in 4 finishes: classic Mahogany,  Mahogany,  natural Mahogany, fusion Mahogany and Patinated Lacquered.
Welcoming guests in an elegant and confortable atmosphere is a timeless art. For this reason, the Port bar, with its small size - 156 x 38 x H185 cm - and details in chromed brass, revives the marine style in the living room of every house, making it unique. The bar cabinet has shelves, cabinets, 2 showcases and an extractable counter top in sandblasted glass with a  Cordage decor Available in 4 finishes: classic Mahogany, natural Mahogany, fusion Mahogany and Patinated Lacquered.
Ideal for bedrooms, reading corners, studios and offices and indoor verandas, The Relax armchair in capitonnè leather is adjustable to 4 heights and can be combined with a padded leather footstool for maximum comfort. Along with the armchair Relax, you can choose from various models of coffee tables:  the coffee table Shanghai, which gets its name from the Eastern tradition of sitting on the flloor and therefore very low (h. 35 cm) or the tray table whose top can be separated from the base thanks to 4 folding edges  with a hidden handle. These reproductions embody the sober, descreet and always elegant luxury  inherited from the authentic nautical design  of the past century.  Today, thanks to Caroti it embraces contemporary concepts of modularity, innovation and customization. Available in 4 finishes: classic Mahogany, natural Mahogany, fusion Mahogany and Patinated Lacquered.