Kid's bedroom - Proposal 261

STELLA MARINA KIDS' BEDROOM - Mahogany fusion finish

Soft and velvety as a plush toy. Just as glamorous and spacious as the bed of mum and dad. The Starfish bed, designed for a round mattress with cm 190 x h 18 diam. plays with its sinuous and fun shape to give the room a romantic and elegant character.

The standard covering is made of dual-colour capitonné velvet, but can be customised with the client's fabric.

In the Stella Marina girl's bedroom there are many details of refined style and glamour, like the two-tone of the new Cordage line (Mahogany Fusion with Lacquered rope) and the inclusion of drawers lined in leather. The design has always kept in mind the needs of our children, once the mirror is closed, the delicate dresser becomes a spacious desk.


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