Nautical Design - Proposal 839

The Pirate's Bedroom, Natural Mahogany finish.

Treasure Island is somewhere in the big blue. The holds are full and the ship-boys are about to release the moorings. The rudder is awaiting only an intrepid Captain to guide it toward the adventure. The wind is in our sails, we need nothing more, let's sail!

The Pirate's Bedroom is not only a composition of furniture for the bedroom of little boys: thanks to pieces of furniture such as the carved headboard that brings to mind the pirate flag and the Wheelhouse play furniture with spinning rudder, it feels like really being on a vessel under the command of a horde of pirates.


The Pirate's bed is also available with padded headboard in fabric, leather and faux leather (on request).

Available in 4 finishes: Patinated Lacquered, Natural Mahogany, Mahogany Fusion and Classic Mahogany.


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