Proposal 211

Central bridge wardrobe and bookcase, natural mahogany finish.

The sailing practice always had to deal with space: that’s how functional and practical furniture solutions were born, and use the maximum available height, such as bridge wardrobes and bookshelves.

Caroti’s sectional furniture allows to create unlimited side or central bridge options (upper structure) according to the needs of the room.  The components may vary in height and length feature sticks, shelves and drawers, feature several door types: shutter, porthole, sandblasted, smooth, padded or Millerighe pattern. Underneath the bookshelf or bridge wardrobe you may place beds, desks, sofas, sofa-beds, computer cases, dressers and other storage furniture.

Available in 4 finishes: Patinated Lacquered, Natural Mahogany, Fusion Mahogany, and Classic Mahogany. 


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