Nautical Furniture - Proposal 247

Reclining bunk bed with panelling ladder, Natural Mahogany finish.

Time to play.  Time to learn.  Time to dream.  The children’s bedroom becomes their kingdom, filled with imagination and joy.

Caroti’s reclining bunk bed use space in a smart and effective way to be able to include the following:  2 single beds (90 x 190 mattress), with the option of a third removable bed (90 x 190 mattress), wide sliding desk with drawers, sectional wardrobe and storage spaces out of the ladder and the bunks.  Featuring a useful and essential spring system. Resistant, flexible and safe at the same time, the upper bunk will be now easier to make.
Available in 4 finishes: Patinated Lacquered, Natural Mahogany, Fusion Mahogany, and Classic Mahogany.


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