Classic Living Furnitures - Proposal 848

Demi Arkata with Chester couch set, patinated lacquered finish. Wainscoting and ceiling in Fusion mahogany finish.

The modular wall paneling system used by Caroti enables clients to chose from a wide  range of finishes and upholstery that can be combined like in this example. Where, smooth panels are alternated with mirror panels or panels in leather capitonnè.

There are an infinite number of modular solutions adaptable to any space. The ceiling coffer provides the location with great lighting because the spotlights can be positioned as one desires. A particular aspect of the ceilings designed by Caroti, is the insertion of big, backlit sandblasted mirror glass skylights with a Wind Rose decor. The Demi Arkata bookcase brings together the design of a curved bookcase with the functionality of cabinets with doors and flaps. Its soft and sinuous shape creates a delicate contrast with the wainscoting and the ceiling coffer, thanks to a mix of finishes combined with art. Mahogany Fusion and Patinated lacquer give the atmosphere a diffused sense of warmth and  calmness, that wraps the atmosphere is a sincere embrace. The space can be completed with  ivory colour leather Chester couches and a Lounge coffee table with a sandblasted glass top. For the true admirers of the nautical style, Caroti has designed the covering for fireplaces in white marble from Carrara with low reliefs and incisions. Available in four finishes: natural mahogany, classic mahogany, fusion mahogany and Patinated Lacquered.


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