Modular wall systems, different finishes.

Living area: a social space, a place not only for people to meet, but also where the home meets with the sunlight, which enhances the natural veining of the solid wood, a primary, precious and mandatory material in Caroti modular bookshelf systems. A solution for all space needs:

  • Linear: the unit is developed across a single surface.
  • Corner: the unit is developed across two surfaces, forming a 90° or 45° angle.
  • Bridge: the storage unit is developed in height, leaving space for beds, desks, sofa, etc. in the lower part.
  • Built-in: the unit is built into the wall, thus creating a flush wall effect.
  • Passing: the unit includes door openings that connect one room to another.
  • Two-sided: the unit can be accessed from both sides.

Caroti modular bookshelves are designed using modules that can be supplied in standard international heights: 190, 234 and 260 cm. All modules can also be made to size.


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