Closet with panelling and internal door, in a Moka Mahogany finish.

In this special solution, the wall of the flush built-in cupboard is composed of louvre doors and portholes, seasonal raised parts and chests of drawers. The wardrobe is continued with panelling and wall lights, into which a door is carved with a mirror porthole.

The free-standing two-sided chest of drawers can also be positioned at the centre of the room and features a pull-out glass drawer with velvet upholstery on the top surface, designed to enhance the look of the walk-in closet and its contents.

Caroti modular wardrobes are designed using standard modules that can be supplied with standard international measurements (242 and 260 cm) or custom made to suit specific heights, and are available in both free-standing and built-in installations, and with walk-in closet.


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