Nautical Home Decor - Proposal 601

Wardrobe closet with sofa bed. Natural mahogany finish.

A spacious and well organized flush to the wall wardrobe in less than 4 m.  Front walk-in closet solutions can be created according to the client’s available space to obtain 1 or 2 entrances and allow up to 6 storage spaces with a hanging stick, 2 dressers with 6 drawers and adjustable shelves.

In order to fully customize the furniture you may choose among several door types: shutter, portholes, sandblasted glass, smooth, padded or Millerighe pattern.

Underneath the bridge wardrobe you may place beds, desks, sofas, sofa-beds, computer cases, dressers and other storage furniture.

Available in 4 finishes: Patinated Lacquered, Natural Mahogany, Fusion Mahogany, and Classic Mahogany. 


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