Nautical Home Decor - Proposal 250

Bookcase Jolly with bean-shaped desk, Classic Mahogany finish.

Why stopping time when we can make it eternal? Through memory, passion, and daily living.  The core of Caroti’s décor lies in the details taken from the marine style design and reinterpreted in a contemporary way.

The sectional bookcase features the intense tones of classic mahogany and the golden shine of chrome-plated brass, which brings back the past in a timeless and sophisticated present.

The bean-shaped 9 drawer desk with a leather surface can be matched with several chair options: rotating leather Jear armchair with high backrest (available also in the height adjustable version via gas piston), rotating adjustable armchair with leather seat, backrest and wheels, rotating armchair with leather seat.  The leather and eco-leather upholstery is available in multiple standard colours as well as upon request.

Available in 4 finishes:  Natural Mahogany, Classic Mahogany, Fusion Mahogany and Patinated Lacquered. 


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