Nautical Home Decor - Proposal 837

Home Office Regent with adjustable desk, Classic Mahogany finish.

Suitable for representative offices, this majestic bookcase with a Millerighe frame, 328 x 38 x 228 cm high – features a series of combined storage spaces: shelves, glass door, porthole, Millerighe or smooth door, drawers.

The unique and innovative design of the adjustable Millerighe desk featuring 7 leather drawers, 207 x 80 x 79 cm high (open), combines a wide working surface – 143 x 80 cm – with two comfortable and spacious dressers rotating by 360° in both directions. Once they rotate inwards, the closed desk is 143 cm wide . Available also with a wooden surface, featuring a matching leather handrest and splashback with 4 small drawers, 100 x 20 x 18 cm high.

It can be matched with several chair types: rotating leather Jear armchair with high backrest, rotating armchair with leather seat, backrest and wheels, rotating armchair with leather seat.  The leather and eco-leather upholstery is available in multiple standard colours as well as upon request.

Available in 4 finishes:  Natural Mahogany, Classic Mahogany, Fusion Mahogany and Patinated Lacquered.


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